Чиллер CW5000

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The S&A CW5000AG is used to cool a CO 2 laser tube to 100 watts. To do this, he uses water, the temperature of which is maintained by cooling it with freon. The chiller has a built-in tank for a coolant size of 6 liters. The cooling power is 0.682 kW. For the laser emitter to work effectively, in the temperature range recommended by the manufacturer, it is important to ensure a good heat sink. 

Chiller S&A CW5000AG provides high-quality and reliable maintenance of the temperature of laser tubes with power up to 100 W, while the device can maintain the specified parameters depending on the ambient temperature. 

FEATURES800 W cooling power; 0.3 ° C temperature accuracy; Intelligent control controller with 2 control modes with various settings and displays; Alarm functions: protection of delay time compressor, compressor against overcurrent protection, water flow alarm, high and low temperature; Long life services and simple maintenance; Reduced requirements for water and its quality.

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